An idea popped...

The story behind our pops began when two neighbours, Sacha and Anh, met coincidentally outside their condo building on a hot July summer day. Anh was waiting for a taxi and Sacha was rollerblading back home with a Popsicle in hand.

From there they started up a conversation about life, the restaurant business, which they both worked in, and just basic small talk.

Anh then asked Sacha how the pop tasted. He replied ”Way too sugary and lacks a kick”. Anh jokingly said ”Maybe you need a drink instead”. ”If I could freeze it, add my own ingredients and then spike it, I would” replied Sacha feeling amused. They proceeded to laugh about the idea comically, but with a slight air of intrigue.

Later that day, curiosity got the best of Anh and she tried a home recipe for an icy popsicle with a little extra fun in it, a mojito on a stick. She made Sacha try it and from there, an idea popped!

If they both love it and other people also love their idea, why not share it with the world? They thought it was clever and no one has done it before, so they might be onto something cool. They took a pop at it and BooziPop was born.

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